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Dope Scrubs

Dope Scrubs is a lifestyle brand that celebrates and empowers healthcare workers everywhere. With the introduction of our new sub-brands, The Scrub Digest and Behind The Scrubs, healthcare workers have media dedicated to providing them with valuable information, amplifying their voices, promoting wellness, and prioritizing their self-care.


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Dope Scrubs


Creativity + Vision

One of our favorite things about working with Dope Scrubs is that they have an amazing vision that will revolutionize the medical industry. We are privileged to be able to give that vision the look it needs to creatively display that vision. Follow Dope Scrubs @dopescrubs on instagram.

Dope Scrubs

Dope Scrubs is a wonderful client that we, here at LOI Graphics Inc., enjoy working with. You can find out more about Dope Scrubs on their website

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